Historische Papyrologie, Epigraphik und verwandte Gebiete der antiken Kulturen /

Historical papyrology, epigraphy and neighbouring fields in ancient cultures 

Muziris (gr. Μουζιρίς) was an ancient port and trading city on the southwest coast of India, which is described in both Greek and Indian source texts. – The Muziris series mainly publishes scientific studies on the historical evaluation of papyrological evidence, but is also devoted to documentary texts from the neighboring areas of classical studies and thus aims at an evaluation of papyri, inscriptions, coins, graffiti, writing tablets and Ancient Near Eastern sources on social and cultural issues - and economic-historical issues.

The series is open to monographs, conference proceedings, commemorative publications and collections of articles. Manuscripts are accepted in German, English or French. All volumes (or in the case of anthologies: all contributions) are accompanied by summaries in English and French.

Peer Review: To assure the scientific quality the publications undergo an anonymous peer review (by two internal or external reviewers).

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Kerstin Droß-Krüpe (Kassel) (

Patrick Reinard (Trier) (

Sven Günther (Changchun) (

Sebastian Fink (Innsbruck) (

Stefan Baumann (Leuven) (

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Versorgungsleistungen, Solidarität und Euergetismus im privaten Kultvereinswesen des hellenistischen Athen

Jörg Erdtmann

Muziris 4


in preparation, 2024 / ISBN 978-3-96327-274-5 

in preparation

Studien zu den Militärreformen unter Anastasius I. (491–518)

Christian Barthel

Muziris 3


in preparation, 2024 / ISBN 978-3-96327-264-6 / 330 pp.

in preparation

Were the Ancients Rational Actors?

Selected Papers from the Online Conference, 29–31 July 2021

Edited by Sven Günther

Muziris 2


2023 / ISBN 978-3-96327-256-1 / XII + 350 pp.

98,00 €


Red Sea – Persian Gulf – Indian Ocean.

Proceedings of the 1st Muziris Workshop, Trier, 28th May 2021

Edited by Stefan Baumann, Kerstin Droß-Krüpe, Sebastian Fink, Sven Günther and Patrick Reinard

Muziris 1


2023 / ISBN 978-3-96327-230-1 / X + 315 pp.