Ägypten und Altes Testament

Studien zu Geschichte, Kultur und Religion Ägyptens und des Alten Testaments

Founded by Manfred Görg

Edited by Stefan Jakob Wimmer ( and Wolfgang Zwickel (

ISSN 0720-9061     


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Altorientalistische Publikationen / Publications on the Ancient Near East


dubsar ( Sumerian), “scribe”.  –  Within the series dubsar studies on languages, texts, cultures and history of the Ancient Near East from the 3rd millennium BCE until 0 BCE and on the Nachleben der Antike are published. The series is open for monographs, editions, conference volumes, Festschriften, memorial volumes and collections of articles. Manuscripts are accepted for publication in German, English and French.

Peer review: The quality of the publications are ensured by an anonymous peer review process undertaken by specialist members of the Board or external specialists.

Published by Prof. Dr. Kristin Kleber ( and  Dr. Kai A. Metzler (

ISSN  2627-7174


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Investigatio Orientis

Beiträge zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Orientalistik

Edited by 

Dr. Thomas Gertzen (,

Prof. Dr. Peter Heine (,

Dipl.-Theol. Ludger Hiepel M.A. ( and

Prof. Dr. Hans Neumann (

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Publikationen zur ostmediterranen Antike / Publications on Eastern Mediterranean Antiquity


The series Kasion publishes studies on culture, history, philology and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean antiquity: from Greece and the Aegean, Cyprus, Anatolia, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine until Egypt. The series is open for monographs, editions, conference volumes, Festschriften, memorial volumes and collections of articles.  Kasion (Κάσιον ὂρος) is the Greek Name of the divine mountain Zaphon in the North-West of Ancient Syria derived from its Hurro-Hittite name Ḫazzi, the seat of the god Baal Zaphon and of Zeus Kasios, his interpretatio graeca  and, due to the transfer of his cult to Egypt, also the name of a hill at the Mediterranean coast of the Sinai.

Published by 

Dr. Sebastian Fink (,

PD Dr. Ingo Kottsieper ( and

Dr. Kai A. Metzler (

ISSN 2626-7179


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Studien zur Vorderasiatischen Archäologie / Studies in Near and Middle Eastern Archaeology


marru (Akkadian), “spade, shovel”.    Invited are monographs as well as conference proceedings and Festschriften that offer new studies on the history and archaeology of the Near and Middle East. Accepted languages of publication are German, English and French. 

Peer review: The quality of the publications are ensured by an anonymous peer review process undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist.

Edited by

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Dittmann (Münster) (,

Prof. Dr. Ellen Rehm (Leipzig/Münster) ( und

Prof. Dr. Dirk Wicke (Frankfurt) (

ISSN 2569-5851


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Melammu Workshops and Monographs


The series Melammu Workshops and Monographs is devoted to the topics of the Melammu Project ( and comprises the publication of the Melammu Workshops and outstanding monographs, related to the Melammu Project.

Peer review: The series adheres to the conventions of peer review.

Scientific Board: Alberto Bernabé (Madrid), Josine Blok (Utrecht), Rémy Boucharlat (Lyon), Eckart Frahm (New Haven), Mait Kõiv (Tartu), Ingo Kottsieper (Göttingen), Daniele Morandi Bonacossi (Udine), Sabine Müller (Marburg), Simonetta Ponchia (Verona), Kurt Raaflaub (Providence), Thomas Schneider (Vancouver), Rahim Shayegan (Los Angeles), Shigeo Yamada (Tsukuba).

Edited by

Dr. Sebastian Fink (Helsinki) ( and Prof. Dr. Robert Rollinger (Innsbruck) (


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