Studien zur Vorderasiatischen Archäologie / Studies in Near and Middle Eastern Archaeology


marru (Akkadian), “spade, shovel”.  –  Invited are monographs as well as conference proceedings and Festschriften that offer new studies on the history and archaeology of the Near and Middle East. Accepted languages of publication are German, English and French. 

      Prof. Dr. Reinhard Dittmann (Münster) (,

      Prof. Dr. Ellen Rehm (Leipzig/Münster) ( and

      Prof. Dr. Dirk Wicke (Frankfurt) (

Peer review: The quality of the publications are ensured by an anonymous peer review process undertaken by a specialist member of the Board or an external specialist.

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Altorientalische Studien für Reinhard Dittmann anlässlich seines 65. Geburtstags

Herausgegeben von Kai Kaniuth, Daniel Lau und Dirk Wicke

marru 1

118.00 €

Gipsabgüsse altorientalischer Denkmäler in Deutschland

Ellen Rehm

marru 3

in preparation

In Memory of Samuel M. Paley

Edited by Friedhelm Pedde and Nathanael Shelley


150.00 €

in preparation