Cutting-Edge Research in Cuneiform Studies


wEdge is a series devoted entirely to cutting-edge research in Cuneiform Studies. The series is open to proposals for manuscripts that deal with cuneiform sources analysed from anthropological and sociological theories, as well as other social sciences perspectives, such as reception and gender studies, literary criticism and historiography. Manuscripts (monographs, collective studies, proceedings) should be in English. Monographs in French and German are welcome as well. Collective works and conference proceedings that may contain articles in other modern European languages will be considered case by case by the editorial board and the publishing company Zaphon.

Manuscript evaluation and peer review process

The acceptance and the review process follow three steps: 1) the editor-in-chief estimates whether the manuscript’s topic and contents fit the series’ aims; if accepted, two associate editors will take care of the review process; 2) the associate editors provide an editorial review of the manuscript; 3) the manuscript is sent to an external single-blind peer reviewer. Each step has an option if the manuscript review will proceed to the next step.

Manuscript submission: Manuscript proposals should be submitted by email to the editor in chief (Lorenzo Verderame). 

Editor-in-Chief: Lorenzo Verderame (Sapienza Università di Roma) (

Editorial board: Eva von Dassow (University of Minnesota)

                              Agnès Garcia-Ventura (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

                              Jean-Jacques Glassner (CNRS)

                              Ann Guinan (Babylonian Section, Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania)

                              Emanuel Pfoh (CONICET / University of Helsinki)

                              Jordi Vidal (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

ISSN 2698-7007

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History of Assyriology

Benjamin Foster

wEdge 4


in Vorbereitung / ISBN 978-3-96327-268-4 

in preparation

Reception and Construction of Images of the Ancient Near East since the 17th Century

Edited by Kerstin Droß-Krüpe, Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Kai Ruffing and Lorenzo Verderame

wEdge 3


2023 / ISBN 978-3-96327-250-9 / VIII + 221 pp.

79,00 €


Rethinking Ideology and Propaganda in the Ancient Near East

Edited by Ludovico Portuese and Marta Pallavidini

wEdge 2


2022 / ISBN 978-3-96327-186-1 / 425 pp.

110,00 €


Essays on Gender and Methodology in the Ancient Near East

Edited by Katrien De Graef, Agnès Garcia-Ventura, Anne Goddeeris and Beth Alpert Nakhai

wEdge 1


2022 / ISBN 978-3-96327-088-8 / 455 pp.

110,00 €